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  • The Modular Pedalboard

    Learn how Pedal Pods will be the one pedalboard you will never outgrow

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Elevate your performance


Pedal Pods unites innovative design and world class manufacturing to deliver a pedalboard system that will change how pedalboards are built. Created to provide industry-leading performance maintaining tonal purity and clean power in an organized, modular system design.

Rick, co-founder, has been playing guitar for 37-years and has always been into guitar effects. While trying to make room for a cool new pedal on an already crowded board, the idea of a modular pedalboard hit him.

Jerry, co-founder, took Rick’s concept of a click together pedalboard and went crazy with the design. Jerry applied his 30+ year background in the consumer electronics industry, focusing on industrial design and world class performance. Jerry’s skills and knowledge of electronics and sound have made for a natural fit in designing and creating Pedal Pods. Sound quality and integrity have always been critical to him.