Hey Hey , Jerry and Rick. I would just like to thank you both for creating Pedal Pods. I am using my pedals more than I ever have now that they are mounted on the “Pods”. I have used my pedals nearly daily since I got them set up. Regards Lonnie Z.


At first, Pedal Pods didn’t make sense to me.  Sadly, with ‘guitars’, we are conditioned at ‘love at first sight’.  However, after having taken the time to learn what Pedal Pods offers, it’s truly in a class of its own.  Let me explain … The pod design itself allows for the cleanest pedalboard on the market.  No more tucking wires under the board.  No more spaghetti.  No more troubleshooting loose connections.  This is gig ready from build to gig.  Plus, the board will grow with you over time.  As us guitarist know, we buy, sell & trade pedals all the time.  With Pedal Pods, you can grow or shrink your board depending on your situation.  No more having 2 boards for different occasions.  Your gig rig can be your fly rig & vice versa.  Simply said, you’ll never outgrow this board.  What that means to me as a guitarist?  I’ll never  lose money on the investment I make in my gear, which allows me to have more guitars!  Other features that make this a home run include multi-voltage capability in each pedal pod allowing you to run any pedal, which is simply awesome.  A built in buffer for long cable runs to keep your tone intact (without taking up additional board space) and flexible routing for any situation.  This includes stereo pedals, stereo / multiple outputs and in my case – the ability to run a gig rig directly into a cabinet while using a 2nd route to my amp rig.  Truly the most versatile and well thought out pedalboard on the market.  Focus on your pedals and let the Pedal Pods do everything else.  No gimmicks.  No add-ons.  It’s all included with the Pedal Pod, making it the only pedalboard in its own class.  Where other pedalboards focus on its add-ons … this board allows you to focus on the thing that matters the most … your pedals. –The Tone King


What a great concept! 

Pedal pods have changed the way I think in terms of "wiring/rewiring my pedalboard". Add a new pedal is as simple as adding a pod or two. Changing one pedal for another is great too since the audio and power requirements are available within the pod itself. I can try a pedal out for the first set or for practice and change it out very quickly if needed. I love this product!

Keep on creating,

Gabe R.


Thanks, You have created a product that is 100% unique in an industry that is flooded with old styles and rehashes of the same thing. Your product does exactly what it is advertised to do and provides innovation that improves the entire concept of a pedalboard. 

Thank You again,

Brian H.


Jerry & Rick -

Pedal Pods give me a clean, compact, lightweight, self-contained, uniformed layout for my pedals which helps playing in crowded bars with limited space for the band (Stage? What stage?).

My Rickenbacker 4003 is notoriously noisy, especially when near lighting. The Pedal Pods circuitry helps quiet this bass down a little. Prior to acquiring the Pedal Pods, I had explored spending a fair amount on humbucking pickups for the bass. Now I can have my cake and eat it too!

I no longer have to think about my pedalboard. It's now more like one big component instead of several different pedals sitting on a board. It just sits there doing its thing--very well I might add.

The Pedal Pods light up so everyone notices 'em. :-)
The only thing missing is a Pedal Pods name plate that spans the business end of the board so everybody knows whatcha got!


Bill S.


😀🤘👍 Can't begin to tell u how much fun I'm having! This new pedalboard has so many options I have not failed at trying different arrangements yet.

The tones out of these few pedals have me playing longer then I had intended on when I pick up my guitar.

It has changed the why I play and how long I play. Thanks Jerry for the invention of the these Pedal Pods they are absolutely "KICKASS"

Thank you for your contact with me to make sure all went well. Thank u and good day my friend. Richard P.


Very unique solution to a myriad of pedalboard problems! These are expandable, customizable, quiet and self-contained.

*Noise and cable issues- solved

*Buying a new pedalboard every few years to expand- solved

*Upgrading your power supply because you bought “one more” pedal than you have outputs- solved

*Starting your new pedalboard build and realizing you forgot that “one thing”, or you are one cable short and have to order more- solved

*Forgot to buy new Velcro- solved, even that is included

*Messy pedalboard- solved

*Cannot see your pedals on a dark stage- solved

I had a hard time finding any fault with this product. My last pedalboard was more expensive when I added up all the extras I had to purchase, that are included with this product.

- James A.


Jerry & Rick,

Thank You for reigniting my passion for playing and reinventing my tone.  From order to assembly the process was pain-free.  To my surprise everything I needed, and then some, was included.  I didn’t have to make one trip to the store, well except to buy a few new pedals that is.  AMAZING!  The assembly guide was easy to follow, and I was up and playing in no time.  Thanks for the thought and engineering that you put into the Pedal Pods.  They are truly revolutionary!  I only wish I had ordered the translucent top plates.  Guess that’s my first upgrade 😊

Josh “DICE” T.